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Resource for entry-level and mid-level social media marketers 

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This is a comprehensive packet for those starting off in this field as well as for those already working in social media marketing.


This packet has literally everything you could ever need to know

I wanted to create something that would have helped me when I was starting off. I also wanted to be completely transparent about what you’re getting. I’ve seen so many of these courses and books be so vague about what they include. What makes my packet unique is that it’s not information that's been regurgitated off the internet. Research can only take you so far but what I’ve outlined and will teach you in my book is invaluable insights and highly detailed real-life applications of concepts, theories, and strategies. It includes tools, tips, resources, examples, and advice that can only be acquired on the job and throughout years of encountering and dealing with specific situations. This book has everything someone starting off or already working in this field could possibly need to be functioning at a professional level and succeed immediately.

+ I’ve included a few fun little freebies!


I hope you enjoy reading through this book as much as I enjoyed creating it and use it as a manual to guide you through your journey into social media marketing/management.


I absolutely LOVED this packet!! I am a newly declared Public Relations major at my college and had absolutely no idea where to start. This packet helped me so much with my resume, creating my website, and writing a message to send to companies for internships. Honestly not only did this packet help me logistically but also helped me become more confident in my work. I would recommend this packet to any person with a PR or marketing interest. The packet is super organized and easy to read and every time I had a question or was stumped by something the packet had the answer! This packet is a 10/10 for sure!!

- Ayden, Fernandez 

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