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I have always had an innate love for photography, capturing moments forever in time, creating aesthetic visuals that you can't help but stop and appreciate the minute details. I love identifying the little things in life that we find beautiful, helpful, inspirational.

I went to school to study public relations. I sort of found success in social media by accident. It was not a mainstream career choice yet back in 2016. I had moved downtown Detroit to attend Wayne State and discovered that all the new restaurants popping up every day did not seem to be utilizing their social media to their full potential. I went out and took photos to design sample content for the restaurants I was visiting and created my own portfolio and website. I reached out to every business that existed and kept tabs on new businesses being built and offered assistance with their socials.

received an overwhelming response and began working for various restaurants downtown. I had a passion for photography, graphic design, and writing and it seemed like this was a perfect mix of my expertise. Over the course of the next few years while I was a student at Wayne my client list kept growing and I kept learning. I never intended on working in social media marketing. The career seemed to have found me at the perfect time. Since then, I have used what I learned in my positions within hospitality companies and agencies to form my own agency and I hope to keep expanding both my clients and my team.

A few things about me: I love to explore Detroit's ever-growing food & cocktail scene, reading fantasy books, spending all my money on home decor, having a glass of wine and enjoying golden hour, and cooking new pasta dishes.


About me

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